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Club Policies


Victorian Little Athletics Association insurance covers all registered little athletes from their date of registration. This also covers parents and officials in all centre, division, region and state competitions as well as training activities and travelling to and from venues.


Protests will not be accepted. Any concerns or suggestions put forward in a reasonable manner through the Competition Manager will be investigated on the day, with a view to avoiding (if possible) a recurrence of the problem. Please be constructive in your feedback.


The results of all events conducted during centre competition are recorded for registered athletes. There is no facility to formally record Visitor results or results for un-registered athletes.

Centre Records

All centre records must be verified and signed by two centre officials at the time of the record to become official.

Competing Outside of Age Group

Athletes may only compete in their appropriate age group unless permission is granted by the competition manager. Times, records and personal bests are used to calculate actual centre performance, which is only possible when results are recorded for the proper age group.

Wet Weather

Little Athletics is an all-weather sport but given that our track is on grass, when it’s wet we follow clear guidelines.  Most importantly, safety comes first – if the grass is slippery, even if it isn’t actually raining, we will cancel High Jump and Hurdles events due to the risk of falls.  Then, if it is slippery or raining the sprints may be cancelled.  Finally, if it is actually raining, the longer distance events are cancelled.

Decisions are made on the Saturday competition from 7.00am onwards on the day.  We try to get an email out if time allows and will also update Instagram and Facebook.


Australian Little Athletics is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants by ensuring affiliated Associations develop Risk Management policies covering the following areas:

  • Sun Protection Policy
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Equity and Social Justice
  • Safety Policy
  • Drug Policy
  • Anti Racism Policy
  • Child Safety Policy

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