Existing CMLAC 2021-022 summer members do not have to pay a fee to register to compete in the winter cross country season. Existing Members please use the following link to register:

New to Camberwell-Malvern Little Athletics Centre members will be required to use the following link to register via LAVIC. The cost for new members is $85.


Registrations for the 2021/22 Season are now open!  Little Athletics is great value for money.  Our CMLAC annual membership includes:

  • Saturday morning competitions during the Summer season (October to March, usually with a break for January)
  • Additional weekly Wednesday training and coaching sessions for athletes who want
  • Winter cross-country season (April to August)
  • FREE CMLAC white t-shirt for all athletes
  • Opportunity to participate in age group team relays at Regional and State levels, which includes additional relays coaching
  • Opportunity to participate in individual Track & Field competitions at Regional and State levels
  • Opportunity to participate in individual and team cross-country competitions at Regional and State levels

An annual membership costs $180 for 1 child and $170 for each subsequent child.

To register, please do so via the LA Vic website.  Simply click on the link below for whether it is for a returning athlete or an athlete who is new to Little Athletics.

Session Selection 

Returning Athletes

Returning Athlete Registration (LAV) 

  1. Click on the “Returning Athletes Registration” link above and then “Returning Member”.
  2. Enter “Camberwell/Malvern Little Athletics Club” as both the Centre and Club.
  3. Click here to calculate your athlete’s age group.
  4. You can pick up your athlete’s registration bib and free CMLAC t-shirt from the Clubhouse at the start of the Summer Season.

New Athletes

CMLAC knows that sport is always more fun with friends so we welcome and encourage members to invite their friends to come and give athletics go. LAVIC offer free trial period of sessions. Registration is compulsory before attending the first session. Here are the details:

New Athelete Registration (LAV)

For those ready to register a new athlete, once you’ve clicked on the link above:

  1. Click on the “New Athlete Registration (LAV)” link above and then  “New Member”
  2. Enter “Camberwell/Malvern Little Athletics Club” as both the Centre and Club
  3. Click here to calculate your athlete’s age group
  4. New members: Please bring Proof of Age (e.g. birth certificate, passport) to a pack collection day or first day of competition or send through a copy to so your registration can be completed.

If you have any queries about joining, please contact Louise on 0439 603 260.

Program and Calendar

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2021-22 Registrations are now open!

All new and returning athletes need to register through Little Athletics Victoria to be part of our Club

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