Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Membership at Camberwell Malvern Little Athletics Centre (CMLAC).

How do I Register?

Online registrations are now open for the 2021/22 Season.  You can do so via the Registration tab in the Parents section.


How would you describe Camberwell Malvern Little Athletics Centre?

We are a family friendly, grass-track centre run by volunteer parents.

  • Competition takes place on Saturday mornings at Kooyong Park’s Righetti and McAlpine Ovals, which are at the end of the driveway opposite Kooyong Tennis Centre and next door to Vision Australia.
  • We start with a warm-up at 8.45am and finish around 11:00am. We pay a particular focus around finishing early and getting the kids around as many events as possible, with minimal waiting times.
  • The children break up into boy and girl groups in age groups to do between 5-7 events each week with a varying program of runs, jumps and throws.
  • We are geared to ‘personal bests’ and every child is encouraged to ‘have a go’.


Where is Camberwell-Malvern Little Athletics Club ?

CMLAC is located at Righetti Oval (down the driveway opposite the Kooyong tennis club and near the Kooying train station), off Glenferrie Road in Kooyong

When does the Track & Field Season start and finish ?

The little athletic season runs from October until March each year. Our ‘come and try’ day is Saturday 2nd October 2021 (COVID dependent) where children can take part and experience little athletics events. Committee members will be available to assist with all registration enquiries. Our first competition day is Saturday 9th October 2021.

What age can my child start little athletics?

Athletes must be five by September 30 of the current year. To find out what age group your child will be in, have a look at our calculation table.


I’m not sure if my child will be suited to little athletics. Can children try Little Aths before joining?

If you are not sure if Little Aths is for you, then you are very welcome come down and have a ‘free try out’ for one session or just watch what we do. To register for this free option, simply register via the Registration link in the Parents section of our website.


What level of ability do children have to have to join?

Our emphasis is on fun and fitness. Children can join with any level of skill or fitness and are encouraged to achieve personal bests.


What is expected of Parents / minders?

First and foremost – be involved – the kids REALLY love it. The operation of an event like Little Athletics must have parent involvement to be successful. Each event needs someone to record the result, to control the activity, to start, to measure, etc. Additionally the equipment needs setting up and putting away each week. To this end, we have arranged that a different age group is responsible for setup and pack up each week and are responsible for manning the running track recording tent; this means that usually you are required 4 times a season.

In addition, an age group manager is needed to see the athletes from one event to the next and keep things running smoothly. Ideally this should be a rotation type role filled by mutual agreement amongst the parent group for that gender-age group. This person must have assistance from other parents on each event.

If possible, parents can undertake Coaching courses – our target is to have two coaches per age group. This is in addition to the age group manager as their role is to help with the improvement of the athlete’s skills, not monitoring behaviour – co-ordinate movement between events.

Victorian Little Athletics Association guidelines require that a parent or guardian of each child remain at the ground for the morning’s events.  We are not a child minding service.

If you would like to be placed on a specific activity each week, please advise the Competition Manager via the enquiry form on this website.


Are there any rules for the athletes?

Each age group for girls and boys is under the control of an Age Group Manager who coordinates Saturday morning activities. No child is to leave the age group without the permission of the manager. Gardiners Creek, that runs alongside the athletics centre, and the playground beside the main pavilion. Little Athletes must have appropriate footwear. Running shoes are compulsory. Spikes are only permitted for U11s to U15s. Little Athletes are also expected to behave in a proper manner with their friends and parents and uphold the Centre’s motto of ‘family, fun and fitness’.


What do little athletes wear?

For centre competition on Saturday, athletes will be given a club t-shirt to wear and can wear shorts of any colour. Footwear must be worn at all times.

When athletes in the Under 9-15 age groups compete in official competition against other centres, then they must wear club uniform which consists of red shorts and a light blue top with the Centre logo. This uniform can be purchased on online

The cost for these:

  • Club Singlets: $35
  • Club Baggy Shorts $25 OR
  • Club Red Bike Knicks: $20


How do I Access my Results?

  1. First Time (or forgot your email): Follow the link to the ResultsHq site.
  2. Click on I forgot my password
  3. Enter your email address (as used on your registration). Await a response email.
  4. Enter your email address as your login, and supply the password just emailed.

If you have your password, simply follow step 4.


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